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Find your route

  • Tailored

    Our routes fit you and your needs, not otherwise.

  • Convenient

    Direct routes, with guaranteed seat and free WiFi.

  • Affordable

    Stop wasting on cars, fuel, parking, tolls and fines.

  • Sustainable

    For every bus, we take 33 cars out of the road.

How to get on board BusUp's routes?

  1. Find

    Pick the route and schedules that fit you better.

  2. Suggest

    If you don't find your route, let us know your needs.

  3. Share

    Spread the word! Bring your friends over, so we can confirm your route.

Or rent your own bus, in just minute,
and plan your own trip




Rent your bus

  • Tailored

    You choose the bus size, the stops, the schedules...

  • On the spot

    Get your quote and your bus confirmed right away. No phone calls, no waiting.

  • Split payment

    You can share the costs among all passengers.

  • Free quotation

    You can book your bus now and pay later, up to 7 days before departure.

How to rent my bus?

  1. Download

    Find our App on GooglePlay and AppStore

  2. Design your trip

    Create your own tailored route. Decide how you want it to be!

  3. Share

    Share it with your friends or on social media to fill the bus up.

Download the app now

And enjoy many other advantages:

  • E-Ticket

  • GPS Bus tracking

  • Vehicle and driver information

  • Notification system

  • App Store
  • Google Play

Partners & Promoters

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 757004

  • Comisión Europea
  • Generalitat de Catalunya - Departament de Cultura
  • Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona

This project has been cofinanced by the Ministry of Science and Innovation through Industrial Technological Development (CDTI).

  • CDTI