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  • Optimized routes shared between companies

    We analyze the real transport needs of your employees, and neighboring companies, to offer you a shared-route solution with the best coverage, at half the cost.

  • Technology for user, route and billing management

    Thanks to our technology, we can offer you everything that a traditional bus does not: co-financed, flexible, shared routes, together with booking, boarding and billing control systems.

  • Outsourcing of the transport service

    We take care of everything: customer care, management of routes and suppliers. so that you do not have to worry about anything, and you can focus on your business.

Attract the best talent

If commuting to work and back home is a problem for your employees, it will lead to low productivity, difficulty in keeping staff and, even worse, failure in attracting talent. Discover now the real impact that mobility has in your employees.

Our formula:
efficacy + cost reduction = proficiency

It's not just about cutting costs. We are talking about: improving the quality of life of your employees; reducing the casualties from accidents while commuting, stress and traffic delays; and to increase their purchasing power without increasing your company’s labour costs. The result of this formula is BusUp.

Step up for sustainability

Smart companies are looking for sustainable mobility solutions, not only because they care about their employees welfare, but also because they care for the environment.

Busup móvil

Get on a bus full of advantages

Save on transport costs

Sistema de reservas y control de capacidad
Boarding and capacity control systems

So that your employees  can book their passes online and you can cash a part of the costs of the ticket

Algoritmos optimización de rutas
Route optimization algorithms

So you can share routes with other companies and reduce the number of routes you need.

Save on user management costs

Control de embarque
Boarding control system

So you can make an efficient tracking of the use your employees make out of the transport service, and we can better forecast their daily transport needs.

Notificaciones automáticas
Automatic notifications system

So your employees are informed at all times about any rute incidents, changes, updates or service delays.

Save on provider’s management costs

Contratación y gestión de operadores
Operators management system

So that we can offer you the best operators and buses at the best price, or adapt to your usual operator, if you already have one.

Gestión de servicios
Services management system

So we can manage your routes more efficiently for you, and releasing your team from high time consuming and  unproductive tasks.

Increase users’ convenience

Localización del bus en tiempo real
Real time bus tracking system

So your employees are always informed about the bus location and can reduce their waiting time on the street

Wifi gratis
Free wifi

So they can make the most of their time studying, working or watching their favourite tv series.

Get your mobility proposal

Contact us now on info@busup.com or send us your contact details: