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Our values

What drive us?

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    Full Stack service

    BusUp has everything needed to design, launch and manage an efficient and modern shuttle service quickly. We provide turn-key service that unifies shuttle vendors, consolidates conversations, engages riders, and provides management with real-time data insights. BusUp also links paths with trusted electric and autonomous vehicle suppliers that are pushing the envelope for what responsible mobility can be. We provide the best-in-class technology, an experienced team in the management of shared commute programs and 24x7 customer support to ensure that the program managers and riders alike have the best possible experience on and off the shuttle.

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    DRT – Demand Responsive transport

    What if your organization had the ability to scale its shuttle program up and down to meet changing ridership demands? Because many organizations are transitioning to a hybrid work model that will offer employees flexible on-site office hour requirements, BusUp is leading the charge for Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) which saves money and increases service level reliability for riders. DRT ensures that the appropriate number of vehicles and drivers are dispatched to meet the demand of a given day. Ultimately, this method reduces program expenses and carbon emissions while providing riders with a safe and reliable ride to the office regardless of which days they plan to be on-site.

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    Sharing technology

    BusUp orchestrates shared shuttle programs between multi-tenant business parks and neighboring organizations who benefit from having access to the shuttle service. By Sharing the service, costs are divided between participating organizations which makes it possible for small and medium sized companies to offer their employee commuters with the robust commuter benefit offerings traditionally only provided by major technology companies. Today, organizations, subcontractors and employees can purchase tickets to share in the cost and offset program expenses, reduce their parking challenges at the worksite, and enhance employee productivity all while keeping costs to a minimum.

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    Multi-Program Management

    Busup unlocks the ability for companies to replicate the successful strategies across multiple programs and markets while keeping a close eye on real-time operational, financial, and ridership data insights. With Busup, companies with the need to launch and manage programs across the country (or globe) can do so seamlessly in one location and make data-driven decisions that produce strong business outcomes.