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General Questions
What is BUSUP?

BUSUP is a tech-based provider of  corporate  transportation services. Thanks to our technology and our innovative business model, we can design the most efficient routes by: optimizing routes, collection points and capacity. All this based on demand and the changing occupation, modifying routes and stops based on their use. In addition, it offers the possibility of sharing routes between companies.

How does BUSUP work?

In a completely digital way, by using the website or our application, each passenger can book the day and route that is most convenient. In turn, thanks to the driver's application, both the user and the company know in real time the location of the vehicle, occupation and which users are onboard. All this data allows us to continuously optimize routes and provide a better service. In addition, BUSUP does not own any vehicles, which gives us the flexibility to use the operator that most suits our clients.

What are the benefits of BUSUP vs a traditional shuttle operator?

Apart from the reservation platform and GPS tracking in real time, with BUSUP you will be able to have, at all times, data (live) that will allow you to understand the reality of your routes. This allows us to constantly optimize usage and ensure operational efficiency.

What is a shared shuttle program and how does it work?

BUSUP allows and encourages the creation of shared routes between companies. This dynamic allows smaller companies, which at first could not afford their own routes, to buy seats on the routes of the larger companies. These synergies between companies have multiple advantages: they reduce costs, increase the availability and occupancy of the routes and at the same time they improve air quality and reduce the carbon footprint.